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If you live in an apartment, then you must probably know about the lease agreement between the tenant and landlord. It includes significant terms of the lease along with the end date and termination clause. When you sign a lease while renting an apartment, then you might want to get the property with good intentions, but mishaps happen all the time. It might be possible that you have to break that lease due to some reasons. In this case, you might get into a situation where you are leaving sooner than the end date of the lease. In such a case, you are bounded to the legal agreement, which isn’t easy to break.

If you tend to break the lease agreementwithout reaching an agreement, then your landlord can sue you. Moreover, if the judge rules out that you are wrong in the case of breaking a lease, then you will get a credit judgment against you, which can ruin your credit score. You will get an order to pay off your debt, and if you don’t want your credit score to go low, then you shouldn’t break agreement without any documentation and proofs. You might need to face money judgment or you can also lose the security deposit. In such cases, you will face difficulty in getting a loan or renting a new apartment. Your bad credit score won’t let you get a loan to buy a new house in the future. Instead of facing any issues, you should learn the easier way of breaking the lease agreement without paying a heavy penalty:

●       Talk to Your Landlord

First of all, you should talk to your landlord when it comes to breaking this rental agreement. If you are familiar with the landlord, then you can talk to him/her about your situation. If your landlord is a good-hearted person, then there are chances that he/she will understand your difficult problem. They might not ask for a penalty from you, and this will allow you to get rid of taking any difficult steps. You don’t have to worry about anything when your landlord is ready to allow you to break the agreement.

●       Break The Agreement in Case of Domestic Violence Victim

In the sublease agreement, you can break the agreement if you are suffering from domestic violence. In several states, one can break the house lease agreement without paying any penalty for it. This can happen with domestic violence cases, but one should be having sufficient proof about it. If you can present the proofs as a victim, then you can be able to break the lease before the end date. You will get thirty days of notice in which you have to present the proofs in court.

●       Break the Agreement During Health Crisis

If you are suffering from serious health issues or mental issues, then you can get qualified for leaving the apartment without any obligation to pay rent dues. The health rental agreement arrangements can differ according to the age of a person. You also have to get the physician’s notice to break the lease agreement.

●       Vacate The Premises on Invasion of Privacy

No landlord is allowed to interfere with the life of the tenant and his family. If your landlord appears in any non-emergency situations at your apartment, then you can decide to leave the apartment under the privacy clause of the agreement. The landlords aren’t allowed to compromise with the safety of tenants. If you think that your landlord is trying to compromise with your privacy by permitting any kind of legal activity near your apartment, then you can break the lease agreement without paying extra money for it. A landlord isn’t allowed to make use of the tenant’s property for Airbnb bedroom or relative stay. In such cases, the landlord has already broken covenant because of which you have got the right to move out of the apartment without paying any penalty. Make sure that you have got your proofs and documentation when your landlord takes you to court.

●       Check the Early Termination Clause in the Lease

You should check about the early termination clause in this rental agreement. There are some situations that are mentioned in the early clause where a person can leave the apartment without paying the penalty. In the case of job relocation, job loss, family health crisis, and divorce, you can be able to break the lease of an apartment.
These are some easy ways that help you prevent any heavy penalty while breaking the lease agreement. If you aren’t able to follow any of the given options, then you can also offer the security deposit as compensation. If you feel that your landlord has to suffer financial loss because of you, then there isn’t any wrong in offering your security deposit. If your landlord agrees to it without any issues, then it can also be a perfect settlement to avoid any legal issues.
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