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How to Create a Home Office Based on Your Work Style

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If you’re looking to make the jump and start working from home, there is one room that may need some adjustments, your home office. Just like remote work can impact your home search, it can also affect the way you design your home office.
When setting up your space, it’s important to prioritize getting the right equipment and understanding your work style. By keeping these two factors in mind, you can create a home office setup that works best for you.

Gathering Home Office Essentials

Even if you have a small space, having the essentials is crucial to your work productivity. Some of the most important home office items include:
Mouse and keyboard
AV equipment
By having the proper equipment, you can hit the ground running in your new home workspace.

How to Design a Workspace Based on Your Work Style

Everybody has their own way of getting things done. Because of this, there is no universal office setup that works for everyone. Before you start making changes to your home, you must first know your work style.
Here are four of the most common work styles that we’ll be covering:
Logical workers
Proximity workers
Detail-oriented workers
Idea-oriented workers
Follow along to figure out what style most closely matches your working habits and how you can create a home office that best suits your needs.

Home Office Setup for Logical Workers

If you’re a logical worker, you likely prefer a space where you can keep to yourself and carry out projects from start to finish. To create an efficient space, consider:
Using two mounted monitors for more room
Installing acoustic panels to reduce noise
Using a wireless keyboard and mouse for easier use
By having a dedicated space free of distractions, you’ll be on the way to hitting your deadlines in no time.

Home Office Setup for Proximity Workers

Proximity workers often prefer a balance between solo and group work. To achieve this balance, try:
Using a webcam and mic for improved video calls
Getting a second desk to co-work with friends or roommates
Opening a window to let in natural light
As a proximity worker, creating a space for co-workers and friends is crucial to getting the helpful feedback you thrive on.

Home Office Setup for Detail-Oriented Workers

If your main focus is accuracy and maintaining order, you may work best in a detail-oriented workspace. To do this, consider:
Using a whiteboard for daily tasks
Utilizing a large table for organization
Using shelves for storage
By keeping everything organized in your workspace, you can easily keep all of your projects in check.

Home Office Setup for Idea-Oriented Workers

Do you consider yourself a big-picture thinker not worried about maintaining any specific routine? If so, you might want to try:
Utilizing a laptop for better mobility
Using a sit-stand desk
Adding a couch for additional seating
With the freedom to roam around your workspace, you’ll have plenty of options for where you can get things done.

Time to Get Started

Remember, creating a space that works best for you is critical to any home renovation project. If you need more inspiration, check out Pacaso’s helpful guide on creating the best home office setup for your work style.
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