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Why a Foreclosure Wave Isn’t on the Horizon

Even though data shows inflation is cooling, a lot of people are still feeling the pinch on their wallets. And those high costs on everything from gas to groceries are fueli...

What To Avoid After Applying for a Mortgage

If you’ve already applied for a mortgage, there are some things you’ll want to avoid doing. So, contact your loan officer before making any financial moves or decisions. 

The Biggest Mistakes Homebuyers Are Making Right Now

Some of the biggest mistakes homebuyers are making right now are putting off pre-approval, holding out for perfection, and buying more than they can afford. The best way to ...

How Affordability and Remote Work Are Changing Where People Live

An interesting trend is happening in the housing market. People are increasingly moving to more affordable areas, and remote or hybrid work is helping them do it.

The Biggest Mistakes Homebuyers Are Making Right Now

Want to know the biggest mistakes homebuyers are making today? They include everything from putting off pre-approval for too long, holding out for the perfect home, buying m...

Unlocking Homebuyer Opportunities in 2024

There’s no arguing this past year has been difficult for homebuyers. And if you’re someone who has started the process of searching for a home, maybe you put your search on ...

Why Fixing Up Your House Can Help It Sell Faster

If your house falls into this category, it's important to consider making selective updates to help it appeal to buyers, so it sells faster. But how do you know where to spe...

The Ultimate Radon Reduction Guide for Homeowners

Radon testing is an often-overlooked part of typical home inspections, but for many buyers a lack of radon testing, or mitigation, can be a dealbreaker.

How To Determine if You’re Ready To Buy a Home

If you’re trying to decide if you’re ready to buy a home, there’s probably a lot on your mind. You’re thinking about your finances, today’s mortgage rates and home prices, t...

Suburbs in Miami Offering Easy Access to the Ocean

Explore the best suburbs in Miami with easy ocean access. From Surfside to Aventura, discover top neighborhoods for beach lovers.